Ninja Assassin Full Movie Download (2009) HD AVI, MKV & FLV

Ninja Assassin Full Movie Download (2009)

Ninja Assassin Full Movie Download (2009) HD AVI

Ninja Assassin Full Movie Download (2009) HD AVI

Full Name: Ninja Assassin (2016)
650 MB
HD 720p Blue Ray
Action, Crime, Thriller
Release Date:
25 Nov 2016
Language: English

Rick Yune, Rain, Naomie Harris

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Ninja Assassin Full Movie Story & Plot

The Ozunu Clan, led by the ruthless Lord Ozunu (Sho Kosugi), trains orphans from around the world to become the ultimate ninja assassins. One of these orphans, Raizo (Rain), was enrolled in the clan’s brutal training to become its next successor. The only kindness he was ever shown was from a young kunoichi named Kiriko, with whom he eventually develops a romantic bond.

As time goes on, Kiriko becomes disenchanted with the Ozunu’s routine and wishes to abandon it for freedom. One rainy night, Kiriko decides to make her escape and encourages Raizo to join her; however he decides to stay. Branded as a traitor, Kiriko was caught and later executed in front of Raizo by their elder ninja brother Takeshi, impaling her through the heart.

As a result of Kiriko’s death, Raizo begins to harbor resentment and doubt towards the Ozunu. Some time later, Raizo is instructed by Lord Ozunu to complete his first assassination. Afterwards, Raizo meets the rest of his clan atop a city skyscraper in Berlin.

There he is instructed by Lord Ozunu to execute another kunoichi traitor like Kiriko. He rebels against Lord Ozunu by cutting his face with a kyoketsu-shoge and engages in combat against his fellow ninja kin. Barely surviving, he falls off the roof of the skyscraper and into a river. Raizo recovers from his ordeal and begins to intervene and foil subsequent Ozunu assassination attempts, including a disguised female assassin at a laundromat.

Meanwhile, Europol agent Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) has been investigating money-linked political murders and finds out that they are possibly connected to the Ozunu. She defies her superior, Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles), and retrieves secret agency files to find out more about the investigation.

Mika meets Raizo and convinces him to see Maslow for protection as well as to provide evidence against the Ozunu. However, Raizo is arrested by Maslow and abducted by agents from Europol for interrogation.

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